• printed cotton poplin poplin dress fabric poplin shirt fabric 50x50/144x80
  • printed cotton poplin poplin dress fabric poplin shirt fabric 50x50/144x80
  • printed cotton poplin poplin dress fabric poplin shirt fabric 50x50/144x80

printed cotton poplin poplin dress fabric poplin shirt fabric 50x50/144x80

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2000 m

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Product Description

printed cotton poplin 50x50/144x80,have good handfeel and widely used on shirts,skirts and pants.Our company manufactured all kinds of cotton,cotton/spandex woven fabric,such as poplin,twill,canvas ,satin and cordur,And provide the competitive price and good quality.

Details Description:
1、Item:printed cotton poplin
2、Composition:100% cotton
3、Yarn Count:50x50
7、Pattern:plain dyed; printted; coated(pu,pa & paper touch); embossed; telfon; wrinkle free; embroidery
8Production Capacity:20,00,000mtrs/month
9、MOQ:1500M/Color for plain dyed,and 2000M/Deisgn/Color
10、Price:different quantity,different price

  General Items:
4.5W 12X16/64X128 57/58” 280GSM 6W 12X16/64X128 57/58” 280GSM
8W 12X16/64X128 57/58” 280GSM 11W 12X16/64X128 57/58” 280GSM
14W 16X16/72X128 57/58” 260GSM 16W 16X21/44X134 57/58” 200GSM
21W 40X40/77X177 57/58” 140GSM 21W 42/2X32/58X150X57/58” 150GSM
28W 60X60/102X212 57/58” 110GSM 8W 12X16+70D/51X134 57/58” 320GSM
11W 12X16+70D/51X134 57/58” 320GSM 14W 12X16+70D/51X134 57/58” 290GSM
16W 16X16+40D/51X134 57/58” 270GSM 16W 16X16+70D/51X134 57/58” 310GSM
21W 16X21+40D/44X134 57/58” 245GSM 21W 16X21+70D/44X134 57/58” 275GSM
21W Uncut 21X16/76X136 57/58” 260GSM 28W Uncut 32X21+40D/80X150 57/58” 270GSM
35Wuncut 40x40+40d/90x190 57/58” 200GSM
20X20/60X60 57/58” 140GSM 32X32/68X68 57/58” 105GSM
40X40/110X70 57/58” 105GSM 40X40/133X72 57/58” 115GSM
40X40/133X100 57/58” 135GSM 50X50/144X80 57/58” 100GSM
60X60/90X88 57/58” 72GSM 60X60/140X140 57/58” 110GSM
60X60/110X110 57/58” 85GSM 32X32+40D/133X72 57/58” 150GSM
40X40+40D/133X72 57/58” 115GSM 50X50+40D/150X70 57/58” 110GSM
7X7/68X38 57/58” 345GSM 10X10/70X42 57/58” 245GSM
16X12/108X56 57/58” 265GSM 20X16/128X60 57/58” 235GSM
21X21/108X58 57/58” 180GSM 32X21/133X78 60/61” 180GSM
40X40/143X112 60/61” 140GSM 40X40/133X72 60/61” 115GSM
32X32/130X70 57/58” 140GSM 40X32/143X90 57/58”150GSM
16X16+70D/120X40 57/58” 235GSM 20X16+70D/150X50 57/58” 255GSM
32/2X16/96X48 57/58” 200GSM 21/2X10/70X42 57/58” 255GSM
7+7X7+7/68X38 57/58” 345GSM 16+16X12+12/108X56 57/58” 255GSM
32X32+40D/190X80 57/58” 200GSM 32X16+70D/190X60 57/58” 230GSM
60X60/173X113 57/58” 110GSM  

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC / DP / DA
Packing︰ as per buyer's requirnents
Lead Time︰ 10~15days after all the things are confirmed
Standards Certificate︰ OEKO TEX STANDARD 100

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